What is Conscious Uncoupling?

Conscious Uncoupling is a 5 step program that will lead you from heartbreak to wholeness. It is educational, experiential and profound. This process involves a set of practices that I will guide you through, and that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

We can’t become ourselves by ourselves.

We need each other. As a coach, I am compassionate and nurturing but I am also going to lean on you to grow. I will gently but firmly guide you towards your own healing and empowerment.

You don’t have to be 100% sure your relationship is ending.

You can engage in the process if you are in a relationship and not sure what to do to. Sometimes the process can bring couples closer together, just like it did for my friend, Relationship Educator and Coach Neil Sattin.

This process is a GPS to your soul!

Personally, I have used the process in order to support me through ending my 17 year marriage in the best way possible. Because of the high levels of challenge I was experiencing, I needed more than traditional therapy. I needed a GPS! Thats what the 5 step process of Conscious Uncoupling can be. I felt totally lost in harsh terrain during my divorce. The processes I learned through Conscious Uncoupling became my connection to my own inner GPS, the only true guidance we really need.

Are you ready to learn how to awaken and experience real love?

Whatever your situation, our desire is to experience greater levels of satisfaction, security, enjoyment and fulfillment in all relationships, most especially the one we have with ourself. That is what this process is really about.

The Conscious Uncoupling process is effective for healing old relationship wounds, completing a relationship that ended suddenly, or dealing with a challenging friendship.

Please contact me if you are interested in how this process could support you.



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