What is Really True?

It is a gradual process that starts in early childhood. We learned that in order to get love, survive in our families or achieve status in our world, we had to behave according to the needs of others. Our inner knowing was often shoved aside, in favor of gaining attention and trying to get praise. It is so normal – and for many of us, it is the best survival tool we have. We have honed our skills to be able to anticipate the needs of others, to orchestrate our whole lives around pleasing. We are so good at knowing every one else’s truth, except our own.

So what is really true?

Many of us imagine that our relationships would be better if we could learn how not to be so angry in response to our partners behaviors. This is an example of pushing aside our own feelings – what if our anger is actually justified? What if our feelings that cause our anger are really real and deserve attention? What if our partner is actually possibly provoking our anger for various reasons? The dance of anger in partnerships can be very complex and deceiving if we are willing to look deeper at our own experience.

So what is really true?

What if we were to act according to our own deeper knowing?….If we were able to actually tap into that place…. Perhaps not knowing our own needs, and cutting off from our own feelings is the only way we know how to be in relationship.

So what is really true?

It’s scary to imagine that if you opened that Pandoras box, and started honoring that little voice inside you, that life is not going to look the same ever again. It’s actually terrifying enough that it keeps you right where you are – behaving in a way that meets other people’s expectations.

So what’s really true?

If you have spent your life trying to please others, chances are that your current people are not going to be very happy about you shifting your attention to your own feelings and needs. It is at this place that you must decide….

What is really true?

Whose feelings matter most to you?


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