Swept in the Current of Divorce?

As a society, we have not yet come to terms with the reality of divorce. We are still operating on old beliefs: Divorce is failure. Divorce is shameful and evidence that there is something wrong with us. Divorce is a selfish and immature choice that irreversibly harms children. Because of these erroneous beliefs, we have not yet developed the skills and capacities necessary to end relationships properly. Breakups and Divorce are an integral part of every day life. It is time we learned how to do them better – for all people involved. Especially for our children.

Relationships have changed more in the past 50 years than in the thousands of years previous. We need to learn new ways of transitioning in relationships in order to minimize the damage that divorce can do to kids, communities and extended families. Learning the skills and capacities to manage your emotions, move forward in possibility and take charge of your experience-  will not only improve your divorce experience, but it has the potential to improve all of your relationships – present and future.

We try our best to “get over it” but many of us are struggling with confusion, loneliness, estranged from people we love or alienated from life as we knew it. Perhaps you are just getting by, or going through the motions, trying to get on with life and forget the past. You may be feeling afraid that your breakup will negatively impact your children – that they will be scarred for life because of your struggles. 

If you have any of these feelings, please call me for a free 30 minute consultation. 

Through my transformative 5 step Process, I will guide you from this place of anger, loneliness, confusion, despair and disorientation all the way into the experience of unprecedented happiness, fulfillment and love!

Who can benefit from this Process?

Contemplating Leaving a Relationship

Your relationship is painful, difficult, confusing, unsatisfying. The process will help you decide – should you stay or go? Become aware of the habitual ways you have been relating to your partner. Understand why you behave the way you do, and what you are meant to learn from this relationship. Get crystal clear on your decision to stay or go and know why. 

Intitiating a Breakup or Divorce 

You have decided it is over, but instead of making yourself or your partner wrong or bad, its time to unpack, understand and find compassion for yourself and them. This will be especially challenging if you have a partner who is not agreeing that you need to split up. The process will support you in managing your own experience and moving through your partners reactions with compassion and patience.

Reacting to A Breakup or Divorce 

Your partner is ending your relationship. The process will support you in your grief and shock as you learn techniques to manage your feelings. The process will support you in understanding yourself and your experience. I will give you support and guidance as we move through the confusion, hurt and disorientation. 

Riding the Roller Coaster of Divorce

You are in the midst of the process, and the inevitable ups and downs are exhausting, time consuming and often humiliating. You may be moving, changing jobs, experiencing social upheaval or having full blown identity crisis. Engaging in the process at this time will give you the emotional strength to weather the challenges, get clear on what is really essential, and be present to your children and their needs.

Recovering from a Relationship 

Your divorce is in the past. But you are still dealing with the residue of resentment, lingering anger, jealousy or feeling lonely. You are stuck holding on, when you really want to be moving on. The process will give you your power, your life and your heart a new perspective and a renewed sense of optimism.


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