Love Advice Radio Show

I am producing a radio show for KGVM 95.9 that I will also be sharing as a podcast.

I want to engage with the questions that pertain to the deepest source of joy and suffering in our lives – relationships. Not because I have all the answers, but just maybe my response could help you or others. The point is to share the joy of learning how better to take care of ourselves and each other

I would like to hear from you, by call or text to a message service at 406 763 1633, or by email to

What do you struggle with in relationships? This could be any relationship in your life that is challenging. Tell us about your lover, your potential lover, your difficult friend, your mother or dad, your children, your boss or coworkers or business partners, even your dog….

What is your story? What is your struggle? We want to hear from you.

Heart And Soul will share your stories and questions with sensitivity and care, and attempt to provide solace, comfort and insight about how we can better navigate the challenges we face in creating the loving support we so desire.

Heart and Soul will also, inevitably, be humorous and somewhat irreverent. It is clear that the way we have been approaching relationships needs to change and evolve so that we can learn to enjoy life to the maximum. The show does focus on cutting edge science-based ideas, as well as experiential wisdom provided by all the participants.

If you contact us by leaving a phone message, your recorded voice will not be used unless you give permission.

Heart and Soul – Mission and Vision

Relationships have changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 500. There’s no way we can get what we need, doing what has always been done. We need to learn new skills, develop new capacities and shift out of old ways of being based on family patterns, cultural conditioning and unconscious habits.

We have more potential than any time in history to create loving, conscious, healthy, supportive relationships – but how? Most of us struggle with this basic challenge. And yet, it is at the heart of our personal lives. Relationships touch the deepest part of who we are. The most tender and powerful part of us can either thrive and create endless joy, or stumble, wipe out and get seriously injured. How well we can navigate relationships, depends on our ability to self reflect, take responsibility for our happiness, learn to communicate openly and honestly… and a lot of other skills and capacities that we were not taught in school.

It’s pretty serious business, deep and often painful. But this show intends to be informative, creative, funny and sensitive to the reality of our quest for what is known in psychology as “secure attachment”.

How am I qualified to create and host this show?

I am a fanatic; curious about all things to do with how to be skilled in navigating painful relationships- of which I have had a few doozies. I know the epic heights of romantic love, and the painful failings of relationships gone horribly wrong. If you want to learn about my approach, check my writings on or

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and in doing so, she (this sweet heart) has seen a lot. She has been brutally mangled and lovingly caressed in equal measure.

I have studied many relationship modalities and I continue to expand my learning through incredibly powerful personal learning experiences as well as books, talks and advice from “experts”.

We don’t have to do this alone! Join me on this heroic quest for emotional freedom and together we can harvest the learning that painful relationships can provide. Without that, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over again.



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