About Margot

I support people who are suffering through painful breakup or divorce, so they can create a bridge to a new life and a greater sense of trust and possibility in their ability to create fulfilling love relationships.

I was married for 15 years, shared a business and 2 children with my partner. After many years of struggling and misery, we separated. Our divorce was difficult, painful and full of conflict. I made many mistakes along the way, learned from them and wasted some precious time and money. I saw a handful of therapists- but either they had never been through divorce or they didn’t have the tools to teach me how to move out of my pain and struggle. I attended a number of workshops and took courses in communication, empowerment and spirituality. I met Katherine Woodward Thomas  and I immediately applied for her Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Training – a rigorous program which taught me essential skills and capacities to move myself towards emotional freedom – and teach others to do the same. I also studied with the Certified Divorce Coach program and rounded out my skills to assist attorneys and divorce professionals help people through the process of divorce.

I wish I had known then what I know now.

I stand for true love and connection. I stand for the truth that attachment is our birthright. I stand for the possibility that we can all learn how to love and be loved in the way that is most fulfilling to us. I stand for healthy, secure attachment and heart centered living.

It is my mission to teach people how to move past painful patterns in love and come into a way of being in the world that is stronger, wiser and healthier.

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