Because Margot has personal experience with divorce, I felt like I didn’t have to explain things to make her understand. She knew exactly what I am feeling and made me feel like it was totally normal and OK. I can’t imagine going through this process without Margot. It has meant so much to me and I hope to continue to see her until I am through this tough process. ” J.B.

“Margot is amazing and really passionate about this work. After talking with her, I’d always have this sense of lightness. I had a lot of breakthroughs when Margot would rephrase things I said to her in ways that totally clicked for me. Having someone reflect back my thoughts with a more professional and insightful twist was really helpful.” L.T.

“My experience of working with Margot to resolve issues that I had felt ‘stuck in’ and confused about, regarding my relationship with my deceased husband, was life changing. She was able to create a safe space for me to honestly confront my issues, and through her ability to listen deeply and caringly, she gently led me to see and resolve the narrative I had been living inside of that had been causing me great pain. She is  gifted, and I am grateful to her. ” S.L.

” I was looking for an opportunity to explore Conscious Uncoupling but I wasn’t sure if I really “qualified” because I had been divorced for almost ten years.  A friend recommended that I explore the possibility with this outstanding coach she knew—Margot.  So I did.  The results have been remarkable. Margot showed me how to prepare for our sessions with flexible choices; she “showed up” for each of our sessions with a remarkable ear for listening and a magical touch for guiding.  Margot has an exceptional gift for creating an interactive meditative space.  She guided me to places that I could explore, that I returned to in my dreams, and that I could manifest as healing in my present day conscious living.” B.B.